Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

It would be great to go to work every day, focus only on what you love to do (design for your clients!) and then go home and do whatever it is you love to do there. The problem is the business is a business and certain issues arise that just can’t be ignored. One such issue is protecting your work. Your designs and plans are the lifeblood of your firm and there are times it is important to go above and beyond in defending that work from theft and infringement by seeking copyright or patent protection. LicenseSure’s Danny Swift recently contributed to Traklight’s blog with an article on intellectual property ownership, and how and why design professionals might wish to seek copyright or patent protection. Check it out at

About The Author

Patti Harris spent 13 years as the Managing Partner of a New York City-based construction law firm; in addition to overseeing the business operations of the firm, she advised clients on office and business management issues.

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